We help customers find millions of businesses online simply by submitting linked information to popular search engines.

To review a business, you do not have to login or have an account, all you need is an opinion. You can rate businesses 1-5 stars and leave comments explaining the reasons for your rating.


Reviews on Wiki-Co.com are independently reviewed by our in-house development team prior to being published. We strive to ensure the content is accurate and was generated by a real person. Once approved, your review will be posted on the businesses profile available to other perspective clients for their consideration.

Dedication to excellent customer care.

At Img Link, we do not outsource any of our customer or technical services. We are proudly Canadian and all of our employees are based in North America.

Our customer satisfaction extends beyond offering our clients great products and services. We recognize the value that meaningful, personalized assistance adds to the customer experience. To ensure client satisfaction, we include direct contact information to the representative assigned to the account. By doing so, we can effectively manage the unique needs of each client.

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