One profile. Endless possibilities. All linked from one place.

Since its inception, has enjoyed a solid record of achieving first page search results for many of our customers by their showcasing detailed and wide-ranging profile information. By doing so, we increase the likelihood that your profile will appear on the search engine when a customer does a search for your business.

Late last year we drastically improved the service with the introduction of the revolutionary SMS Live Chat service. With SMS Live Chat, potential clients can send SMS (text) messages to your mobile device and chat with you live right from your profile. Your mobile number remains confidential and is only used only in the backend to communicate with the client. All of your responses are sent to the browser in real time.

We have also introduced complimentary apps that are available to members. These apps are designed to work across sectors to help organizations manage their estimates and expenses. For new qualifying signups, we also create two custom video advertisements that are available for download right from the Management Center page. These are videos clients can use for their marketing campaigns, social media profiles, or any other marketing programs they engage in outside of the Img Link ecosystem.

Dedication to excellent customer care.

At Img Link, we do not outsource any of our customer or technical services. We are proudly Canadian and all of our employees are based in North America.

Our customer satisfaction extends beyond offering our clients great products and services. We recognize the value that meaningful, personalized assistance adds to the customer experience. To ensure client satisfaction, we include direct contact information to the representative assigned to the account. By doing so, we can effectively manage the unique needs of each client.

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